High Country Trail Rides at 1091 60 Street Northwest, Salmon Arm, British Columbia V1E 3B2

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1091 60 Street Northwest, Salmon Arm, British Columbia V1E 3B2
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  • Anna Y
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I went here with my dad and there was only 1 lady working there and she was really mean. The girl on the phone quickly said why don't we change your time when she doesn't even know who we are.The lady that was on another ride came 10-20 minutes late. They say come 20 minutes early but no ones there how are we supposed to say we are here when the lady on the phone says lets change the time and the lady on a another ride is 10-20 minutes late? Their work is really poor and I really don't recommend this to large or even small families it's a waist of your time and your vacation gets ruined. Leaves sad faces and sometimes even crying. If this plan gets ruined then go to the water park in Salmon Arm because that's what we did and we had lots more fun. Please do not go there or else it will be a waist of your time. And there was another mom with a girl and they got upset too. The lady that was 10, 20 minutes late said she had to saddle 10 horses for the people that booked their trail on phone. They don't care about the people who booked it online. They also don't have time to tell them that they can't do their ride. This really disappoints me and shouldn't be real.
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About highcountrytrailrides.ca

Welcome to High Counrty Trail Rides
Peacefully tucked away on Salmon Arm's Fly Hills, High Country Trail Rides is only 5-10 minutes West from downtown Salmon Arm, British Columbia. We offer fully guided horse trail rides from Spring time to Autumn.
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